What does is an SEO Consultant?

Austin seo consultant

Find an agency that tends to focus more holistically not necessarily all on getting ranked but what your REAL goal is.

Ysais Digital as an  SEO Consultant isn’t to just rank a person’s site, it’s to make them more sales, or help them build their list of potential clients. If their site has 0% conversion rate, 0% of 10000 is the same as 0% of 1000. We make sure you convert clicks into clients.  We help you grow your business and we don’t fully focus on rankings.  With that being said we do focus on rankings and we do a full audit to find the traffic for your business.

The site-architecture is also very important when doing an SEO Consultant audit.   For me on-page SEO is about 60-70% of the work, but you still need backlinks, social media, citations and much more.

SEO, though is something that can take 8-10 months before you see real results. So it does take some patience and due diligence to really get your money’s worth.

What Does an Austin SEO Consultant Do?

An Austin SEO Consultant does have to be at the top of their game.  Austin is at a high level of competition and if you don’t know your way around search engine optimization you won’t do well in Austin.  Austin is super competitive when it comes to local business and if you want to bring in new clients you will need to hire an Austin SEO Consultant.