What Austin SEO Experts Need to Know About Mobile Index First

Google is testing a Google first index. That means the website will rank on what is on your mobile website and not what is on your desktop version. If you haven’t already now is the time to make sure your desktop version is the exact match of your mobile version of your website if you are ranking well.

seo expertA lot of times an Austin SEO Expert will help you throw up a mobile website but they don’t really pay attention to all of the little things like schema, meta titles and descriptions because they depend on the desktop version to get the website rankings.

Google is still testing this mobile index first but they are trying or hoping to push this out some time this year if all things go well. It is now time to make sure your mobile website is matching your desktop version. It is time for you to locate an SEO expert and ask them to check this out for you. Don’t get caught with a mobile website that isn’t up to speed and then update rolls out and you loose all of your rankings.

If you can be proactive in SEO then you can stay in front of the updates as they roll out. Check with your Austin SEO Expert and ask them to evaluate your mobile version of your website.