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We caught up with Marie Ysais this week to see how her business was growing.  In case you missed the last few posts we like to follow business owners that are near or in our area and shine a light on what their accomplishments.

Marie started Ysais Digital Marketing officially in 2012 but she did white label search engine optimization for local Austin SEO companies and had very little time to focus on her business.  Lately, Marie decided to dedicate her time into growing her own business more and do less of the white label seo service.  So far all of her time and attention is paying off big.  Marie is now known as one of the top Austin SEO Experts and once a company signs up for a campaign they realize what a great search engine optimization service Ysais Digital is offering.

What can an SEO Expert do for your company?  Well, simply put they make your phone ring.  In other words you gain more clients when your website is placed correctly in the search engines.  Many companies build a website and then kind of forget about it. They don’t realize that if they hire a search engine optimization consultant their website would actually become their best marketing tool.  If someone is searching for your services and they find you online before they find your competitor then they call you first.

What most local businesses overlook is the fact that 98% of all consumers will look for your company or services online before calling  you.  If you are not online where your competitors can find you then you better call an Austin SEO Expert like Marie Ysais.

The real problem is the gap between local business owners understand what seo can actually do for their business.  Often local businesses don’t set aside a marketing budget and if they do they go to old school methods such as flyer in the mail and so on.  But if they paid more attention to the online patterns they would understand how important an SEO expert is to their business.

If you want to learn more about Ysais Digital Austin SEO Expert

Check out their site and give them a call. Right now they are doing a free no obligation consultation that really helps you understand what they could do for your business.  Many local business owners don’t even know the term “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization but if you take a moment to learn what an seo consultant can offer your company you would think differently about that marketing budget.  It is time local businesses paid attention to their online marketing budgets.

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