For Investors

Our goal is to provide vital capital to our clients and promising investments to investors.


Why Invest with Idea Finishing School?


We take the time to vet all ESCs chosen to participate in the school. Here is a brief overview of our process:


The IFS team applies its years of business, financial, technical and product development experience to evaluate each ESC’s potential for success.

Deliver Critical Resources

ESCs that are selected to participate in the school will be given approximately $60K in resources to help them thrive.  The IFS will additionally provide critical financial, marketing and technological expertise that ESCs need to achieve their next level of success.

Develop Optimal Visibility

Our organization’s objective is to prepare ESCs for maximum visibility to the market and to prove their value to the public.  IFS’s resources are provided to selected ESCs for a period of 3-6 months.  Thereafter, the company has the choice to buy out our share, or allow IFS to remain on the management team.

Provide You the Ability to Invest with Confidence

On completion of the IFS, an ESC is taken to the market for its next stage of capital funding (if required).  IFS investors are offered the first right of refusal to invest in our ESCs, and may participate in all or a portion of the offering.   The principals of IFS have connections to many investors, from angels to well-known venture capital firms. We have had numerous successful private-to-public conversions with ESCs that have raised millions of dollars.