Concrete Driveway Austin TX

Well, it finally happened and we needed to re-do our entire concrete driveway. I live in Austin so the first thing I did was go to the internet and search for a concrete driveway Austin. I was looking for not just any company but a company that would show up on time and do a really good job and know a thing or two about concrete. I searched online and then began to read some of the reviews. The reviews helped ... Read more

Top 3 Concrete Contractors Austin TX

Top 3 Concrete Contractors Go Big or Go Home Everyone loves  a list these days and when I began to look around for a concrete contractor I gathered enough knowledge that I was able to throw together a Top 3 list that will surely help others in their quest for a really good concrete contractor in Austin. Let me set the scene.  First I need a new concrete sidewalk.  I have a tree that came in and the roots cracked the sidewalk that ... Read more

Best Kept Secret Austin Recording Studio

I don't dabble with music often and I honestly don't know much about the music scene in Austin.  Don't get me wrong I have played the clarinet for 14 years and I LOVE music of all types.  I also  know a good recording studio when I find one.  Austin has quickly become the music capital of the world.  I didn't say of the city or of the state but the World! That is quiet the title there and with that title ... Read more

Ysais SEO Austin SEO Firm

Ysais SEO is an SEO firm in Austin.  The company was started by Marie Ysais when she needed SEO for one of her websites for a development company.  Marie searched long and hard and even hired a few SEO consultants but the results were always the same with no increased phone calls.  In fact if you searched for her company at the time online you never would have found the company because no matter how you searched you couldn't find the ... Read more

Best Austin SEO Company

How to Find an Austin SEO Company First of all what is SEO, search engine optimization?  I find a lot of businesses are still confused or not familiar with SEO Services.  Or they have had optimization services and they didn't get results so they think all SEO services are fake or made up or just not real. I am here to bust that myth.  Active SEO Services is real because we have used seo services on several of our website projects.  It used ... Read more

What Austin SEO Experts Need to Know About Mobile Index First

Google is testing a Google first index. That means the website will rank on what is on your mobile website and not what is on your desktop version. If you haven't already now is the time to make sure your desktop version is the exact match of your mobile version of your website if you are ranking well. A lot of times an Austin SEO Expert will help you throw up a mobile website but they don't really pay attention to all ... Read more

SEO in Austin TX

SEO in Austin TX is highly competitive compared to San Antonio. Often clients ask why and I can only speculate but from my experience I can tell you SEO in Austin is highly competitive. What does this mean? Well, it means if you are offering services in the Austin area and you need to rank your website in the top ten it is going to be harder than if you were offering your services in San Antonio. Because the SEO in Austin ... Read more

Meet Ysais Digital an Austin SEO Expert

Ysais Digital Marketing the #1 Austin SEO Expert We caught up with Marie Ysais this week to see how her business was growing.  In case you missed the last few posts we like to follow business owners that are near or in our area and shine a light on what their accomplishments. Marie started Ysais Digital Marketing officially in 2012 but she did white label search engine optimization for local Austin SEO companies and had very little time to focus on her business. ... Read more

SEO News Updates From Austin SEO Companies

Google changes things all the time so to stay on top of SEO updates and news is almost impossible.  One company that makes this difficult task look easy is Ysais Digital Marketing.  If you haven't heard Ysais Digital Marketing is one of the stand out SEO Companies in Austin.  I guess we could say up and coming because Ysais Digital has been providing SEO and digital marketing services that no other seo company can provide.  The quality of the seo companies ... Read more

Austin Digital Marketing Agency

Are you looking for the top Austin Digital Marketing Agency or Expert? We needed a digital marketer to help us with a marketing campaign and our target audience was in Austin.  We decided to get a few quotes from a few of the top Digital marketing companies and then pick the best one.  Our basis wasn't on the lowest quote but on the company that offered the full packages of exclusive digital marketing services. What do we mean by exclusive?  We wanted to ... Read more
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