Best Kept Secret Austin Recording Studio

I don’t dabble with music often and I honestly don’t know much about the music scene in Austin.  Don’t get me wrong I have played the clarinet for 14 years and I LOVE music of all types.  I also  know a good recording studio when I find one.  Austin has quickly become the music capital of the world.  I didn’t say of the city or of the state but the World! That is quiet the title there and with that title comes…….. recording studios.  That is right bands and musicians from all over will come to Austin to record their latest big hit.

Austin has always been unique and a great place to visit but lately it is the place to be if you are in the music business.  I had the pleasure of working with a local recording studio in Austin and I got to not only learn more about their business but I also got to hear some great tracks being put down…. or I guess I should say laid down so I can sound as hip as the music industry?

There are a lot of different recording studios to pick from so this wasn’t an easy selection but if you are in Austin and you feel the need to record or just check out a place to record some great music you need to get yourself over to King Electric Recording, the best Recording Studio I have found, hands down.  What sets this studio from the others? Probably the cool owner Justin Douglas.  Justin has a bio that is seriously impressive and he even is a graduate from Berklee.  You can head over to King Electric Recording with the link that I drop below so you can read the full bio and get more information about the recording studio.

If you plan to head over to King Electric you probably want to give the studio a call or fill out their contact form. Of course they want to ask about time slots and dates and all of that good stuff.  Over all I can’t say enough good things about King Electric and the recording studio has already recording some amazing musicians so you will be in good company.  In fact you may have seen some of the press that was dropped on King Electric when the band Vaya Futuro recording one of the most amazing vocals anyone has ever heard right there at King Electric.

If you want to learn more about King Electric Recording Studio or the man behind the scenes check out their website or some of the other links below:

King Electric Recording Studio