About Us

The Idea Finishing School (IFS) is more of an accelerator than an incubator.  You might say we kick start early stage companies.

Most of our EARLY STAGE COMPANIES (ESCs) have come from Major Texas Universities but sometimes they come to us right off the street.

The IFS is in search of 16 in house accredited investors looking for the next big whatever. It’s the Finishing School’s job “in simple terms” to do the due diligence of these ESCs. The IFS puts them through 3 to 6 months of rewriting and understanding the value of their business plan, the feasibility of their technology, the development of their marketing strategy, designing a convincing pro-forma and completing a suitable offering document for their particular investor type. We bring in legal, accounting and marketing professionals to help develop the candidates company and then we take this polished company to our investors for possible funding.  We do this all for a fee to the ESC of equity, not cash.

The IFS is not new to the starting up of new businesses.   In fact it’s founders and present investors have over 50 plus years of experience as CEO, CFO, COO, Board Members, fund raisers and consultants to companies in the private market and the public trading realm alike.  At the IFS, we have the edge.

The IFS helps the investor find qualified ESCs with a complete Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Accurate Pro-Forma and a Due Diligence Package.    The IFS saves the investor time and money.

Located appropriately in the San Antonio Technology Center, the IFS is a Texas corporation with a unique combination of skilled collaborators and investors who believe in American entrepreneurs.