About Us

The IFS is not new to the starting up of new businesses. In fact it’s founders and present investors have over 50 plus years of experience.  At the IFS, we have the edge.


Our Team

Rudy De La Garza, President and CEO has been in financial consulting for over 30 years.  He is also a co-founder of Tap & Play Media, Inc. and is the founder and President of First Dominion Financial, LTD, a business consulting firm.  Rudy, along with the firm’s associate Security Attorneys and qualified SEC Certified Public Accounts have taken private companies to the public market for capital and listing on an exchange since 1993.  Rudy also sits on the advisory boards of several public and privately held companies.  Rudy’s expertise lies in his ability to analyze businesses, define objectives and action plans, and successfully achieve those plans.

Xavier Gonzales, Vice-President is responsible for application and website design. His career began at Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies as an engineer, doing quality control and jet engine repair. In 2011, he founded TechCon International, a company that hosted conference venues to facilitate the introduction of new technologies to businesses and consumers. Xavier is also a former co-chairman of the Science and Technology Committee for the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Marie Ysais, Project Manger has expertise in online marketing, search engine optimization, brand awareness, and website optimization. Using these capabilities, Marie has created online marketing campaigns for client companies that resulted in significantly increased customer traffic and sales. She has over ten years of experience in web-based marketing and project management, with a focus on mobile phone applications and search engine marketing industries.