The Idea Finishing School (IFS) is a business accelerator.
We help you turn your ideas and passion into a viable source of income.


Why Choose Idea Finishing School?

Most of our Early State Companies (ESCs) have come from major Texas Universities, but we welcome aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

The IFS has in house accredited investors looking for the next big trend. The IFS helps entrepeneurs turn their ideas into a viable business by:

  • Assisting in the process of writing a business plan
  • Analyzing the feasibility of their idea
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Designing a convincing pro forma
  • Completing a suitable offering document that’s targeted to likely investors



Identify your Idea

Before you can develop a business you must identify a need and a solution.

Think it Through

Decide whether or not the idea is something you want to invest in and start doing market research.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Call us at (866)-610-4332 or E-mail us at to turn your idea into a real product.


How We Help You Get Started

We bring legal, accounting, and marketing professionals to help develop the candidates company and then present it to investors for possible funding.  We do this all for a fee of equity, not cash.

Located appropriately in the San Antonio Technology Center, the IFS is a Texas Corporation with a unique combination of skilled collaborators and investors who believe in the American entrepreneurs.